About Us

DEEP TECHNOLOGY- a niche distribution company has been in the Indian market from the year 2009. Over the period of time, it has evolved, by being focused on the Networking and Telecom industry and has today emerged as a niche technology, VOIP and IT Products Distribution Company. The corporate Vision of DEEP TECHNOLOGY is to be the leading provider of New Technology, VOIP, IT products and end to end solutions. DEEP TECHNOLOGY gained enormous knowledge and expertise in running its business locally with global Technology, VOIP and IT knowledge, making it a true Global Technology company.
We provide all kinds of VOIP and IT Networking products as per Demand.

IP Phone, IP Video Phone, IP Gateways, FXO & FXS, ATA, IP Camera, Head Sets for Call Centre & IP Phone, Video Conferencing System and Web Based, T1 E1 PRI Gateways, T1 E1 PRI Cards, IP PBX, Projectors, Firewall, Network Switches.